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The Process

Proactive Systems Create Superior Results

Systems are the key to a successful transaction

It has become clear to us that our systems are the structure around which other components are framed and without them, there would be utter chaos!

Whether we are representing a client as the real estate agent, mortgage broker or both, we are required to meet many deadlines. Also, we are responsible for communicating effectively. These responsibilities require we perform numerous tasks that involve a significant amount of follow-up. All this must be orchestrated within time frames to ensure a successful closing for our clients. Our systems are the key to managing the many moving parts.

Proactive versus Reactive

Without these systems and the talented people using them, it just would not work. We would be reacting to issues and “putting out fires.”  Without any doubt, our systems make our real estate business a “proactive” business. Therefore, allowing us to provide an experience worth referring family, coworkers, and friends too.

In my interaction with other industry professionals, it often appears they do not have a similar approach in regards to the use of systems. I often think, “How in the world do they manage without going completely crazy?” Many sleepless nights I am sure!

One thing from my past I appreciate that has helped me a great deal is my military experience and training. As a result, I have created a business model that follows the same pillars that I learned from the military. These pillars are ordersystems, and discipline. Without adherence to these pillars, serious injury, loss of equipment or even loss of life can occur.

Having a business built with order, solid structures, and comprehensive systems in place enable us to realize exceptional results. Having this outlook and the discipline necessary to carry them out, allows us to deliver at a high level.

Communication helps make our clients feel at ease                       

In addition to systems, communication between team members and our customers is a top priority. Most of all, our systems provide a way for us to communicate with our clients in the form of closing service reports. These reports keep clients up-to-date and informed during the entire process. Consequently, we have found this provides a great sense of comfort to the individuals we represent.

Please consider carefully whom you choose to represent you since buying or selling a home is one of the most important transactions you will experience.

In conclusion, if you have any real estate related needs, please reach out to us! We would appreciate the opportunity to share with you how our systems will work to your benefit when it comes to buying or selling a home.

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