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Real Estate

Pricing and Home Value

Understanding Home Value from Buyer’s Perspective   The value of your property is what someone is “willing to pay” right?   What two methods do buyers and agents determine home value?     Two Important Factors to Consider to Price Properly CONDITION  RELATIVE TO PRICE OF OTHER HOMES   PRICING POSITION 

How to Win the Deal in a Seller’s Market

Your offer needs to stand out in this seller’s market. Today, demand for homes exceeds supply and there are more buyers than sellers.   Buyer’s demand for houses exceeds seller’s supply and as a result, home values rise and the sellers have an advantage. This is real demand fed by a good economy, not loose lending […]

The Process

Proactive Systems Create Superior Results Systems are the key to a successful transaction It has become clear to us that our systems are the structure around which other components are framed and without them, there would be utter chaos! Whether we are representing a client as the real estate agent, mortgage broker or both, we […]

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