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Qualifying: Asset Verification

Be Prepared to Show all Funds to Close   The lender will verify all funds used for down payment and closing costs.   The lender will review all assets claimed on the loan application.  They’ll need documentation and will also focus on recent bank deposits. Be Prepared to Explain if a deposit appears on the statement […]

Why I Love FHA Mortgages

As someone who helps people buy, borrow and sell houses, I have to admit that I love FHA Loans. As a mortgage broker, I know a buyer with an FHA loan is more likely to close than if the borrower is applying for a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac Conventional Loan. Since the guidelines are more […]

Mortgage Broker vs Bank

Mortgage Broker vs. The Bank There are several advantages to working with a mortgage broker as opposed to a bank or any direct lender. Competition – Brokers have banks and mortgage companies competing with each other for my business Price – Brokers can shop a loan on specific criteria over a huge market of wholesale lenders. […]

Should I Pay Points?

Maybe you’re thinking about buying your rate down.  Does it make sense?  Let’s talk about that, I will show you when you should and when you shouldn’t by your rate down.

Should I Refinance to a Lower Rate?

Refinancing your home mortgage can be helpful if you need to lower your mortgage payments or convert some of your home equity for other purposes . Perhaps you want to do home renovations and lower your rate at the same time and avoid PMI by using the Fannie Mae Homestyle Refinance Program, a variation of […]

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