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Real Estate Professionals without Systems = Chaos!

Real estate professionals are small business owners As a small business owner, I am always evaluating and asking questions such as, “How can I consistently deliver world-class service to my clients?” By asking these types of questions, I can design systems that will conform to industry standards. As well as, tailor these systems to meet […]

Do You Really Think You’re Pre-Approved?

Imagine this for a minute Have you ever been driving along, minding your own business, when suddenly red and blue lights are flashing behind you? Startled, you look in the rear view mirror and see police lights. A thought quickly runs through your mind, “What have I done now?” Then you think, “Where is the […]

Should I Pay Points?

Maybe you’re thinking about buying your rate down.  Does it make sense?  Let’s talk about that, I will show you when you should and when you shouldn’t by your rate down.

Should I Refinance to a Lower Rate?

Refinancing your home mortgage can be helpful if you need to lower your mortgage payments or convert some of your home equity for other purposes . Perhaps you want to do home renovations and lower your rate at the same time and avoid PMI by using the Fannie Mae Homestyle Refinance Program, a variation of […]

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