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Your Bank Account Under a Microscope

Loan Approved: Tips to Avoid Delays Since the mortgage industry was turned upside down and the feds jumped in with tighter regulations governing home loans; mortgage lenders are required by law to verify all funds used for these loans. All federally regulated financial institutions offering loans are required to comply with certain standards of review. […]

Pricing to Sell: Who’s Right You or the Realtor®

  There is More Than Meets the Eye When it Comes to Home Pricing! It’s never an easy choice to sell your home and transition to a new property. There’s so many things to consider. But, you’ve discussed it with family and decided it’s time. Now, the fun begins. You’ve done the research, consulted with […]

In Spite of Recent Rulings There are Advantages to FHA Mortgages

  The April 2016 New FHA Ruling In April of this year, the government made a new rule that MIP would be required to remain on the loan throughout the term, as opposed to dropping off at a certain loan to value ratio. You will read and hear a variety of opinions regarding mortgage loan […]

Who Is Your Realtor Working For? You or Their Commission

When you hire a real estate agent to list your home, how do you know you can trust them? If your agent is only motivated strictly by their pocketbook, what would be the ramifications? Historically, consumers have ranked real estate agents just above used car salesmen in relation to integrity and trust. Hopefully, in recent […]

Two Massive Demographic Groups Who Will Drive the Markets in 2017

Who is my buyer? This is the number one question I get asked when talking to homeowners who are considering selling. We go over a lot, but this is the first question.  Then the next question is typical, what do you think my home is worth? Again followed by, who is my buyer and how […]

Be Cautious About Faux Stone Exteriors

Be Cautious About Faux Stone Exteriors! When I work with buyers and sellers as they go through the processes of a real estate transaction I work hard to provide them with important information along the way to ease stress, educate, and primary avoid any surprises. Lately, the topic of home inspections and repairs has been […]

Home Buyers – How to WIN THE DEAL in a Seller’s Market

Buyers need to be prepared to move quickly in a Seller’s Market! Most of the real estate markets across the country are experiencing a seller’s market. A Seller’s Market occurs when sellers have an advantage over buyers looking for a home due to several factors. Supply and Demand are the strongest factors favoring sellers in a […]


A LITTLE-KNOWN FACT FHA “BACK TO WORK PROGRAM” HELPS REVIVE HOMEOWNERSHIP! Florida has certainly seen its fair share of hardships due to the economic and housing crisis this country experienced over the past decade.  People living in Florida are still digging their way out of the ruins so-to-speak. A special FHA lending program offered by […]

6 Top Advantages to FHA Mortgages

FHA Ruling Regarding MIP In recent years, the government made a new rule that MIP would be required to remain on the loan throughout the term, as opposed to dropping off at a certain loan to value ratio. This ruling was upsetting to many, but we need to keep in mind there are many other […]

Mortgage Broker vs Loan Officer – Understanding the Difference

Mortgage Broker vs. Loan Officer; Understanding the Difference First, there are several advantages to working with a mortgage broker as opposed to a bank loan officer. I like to compare mortgage brokers to a hotel concierge. When you stay in an upscale hotel that offers concierge services, you have an added benefit. If, for some […]

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